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TADA Digital Marketing - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try TADA Digital Marketing for free?

How much does TADA Digital Marketing cost?

How can I buy a license?

Can I use several Google Analytics accounts?

Can I cancel a TADA Digital Marketing license?

How does TADA Digital Marketing work?

Does TADA Digital Marketing work on smartphones and tablets?

What data can I use?

How long does it take to make a predictive analysis?

Is there a limit in the data size?

What should I do if the loading screen is too long?

In case it takes too long (more than 30 minutes), we recommend you to refresh your page and try again. If you need any assistance, please contact us.

How can I assess the performance of the predictive analysis?

The performance will be displayed at the end of the analysis. A sentence in green color will tell you the percentage of accuracy that a person will be converted. In red color, it will tell you the percentage of people that will not be converted.

After clicking the “Show me!” button, it will display you the behavior of these people to help you in your next marketing targeting strategy.

How can I improve the performance of the predictive analysis?

We recommend you to increase the date range of your data. Having more data will help the AI engine. In case the performance is still not satisfying for you, the only solution is to wait until you have more data and try TADA Digital Marketing again at that moment.